At Go Ahead Training we work with schools and employers to develop and introduce a range of interactive programmes which are designed to engage, inform and challenge students while helping to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by employers.

All programmes will challenge and inspire, they will provide opportunities for students to develop practical, technical and life skills within a structured environment.

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We are developing a range of programmes which are interactive, engaging and fun for students.

future engineers – primary programme

The primary school is the where a child first acquires initial knowledge and skills in a diversity of areas. At the same time the child also develops basic and enduring habits, concepts and attitudes to everything studied, to the teaching itself and learning as a process of individual intellectual activity.


future engineers – secondary programme

Our Future Engineers – Secondary Programme allows for a natural progression from our Future Engineers – Primary Programme. It gives students the opportunity to have a much more in depth look at robotics and provides a fantastic blend of educational and technology skills delivered in a fun-filled package for Students aged 12-18.


The Opportunities Programme – NEET Prevention

Against a backdrop of economic recession, high youth unemployment and a sustained reduction in public funding, the task of supporting young people to make effective post-16 transitions into further education or employment is highly challenging.


The Opportunities Programme – Employability

The Opportunities (Employability) Programme is designed to help young people make a successful transition into employment. The programme provides the opportunity to gain work experience and an employability qualification.


The Opportunities Programme – Business Engagement

Making the transition from school into the workplace is a real challenge for most young adults. This course is designed to help young people move in to sustainable employment.


The Opportunities Programme – Money Matters

This course aims to help young people understand money. Where it comes from, how they earn it and the skills they need to budget for the things they want in life.


F1 Primary School Challenge

Jaguar Primary School Challenge (F1-JPSC) engages with primary schools students and teachers across the UK in the same way as the Secondary School Challenge. Open to students aged 5-11 years old, it involves designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible.


F1 in Schools Challenge

Offering a way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects in such an exciting way is achieving great results and we know we are increasing the intake of students into Engineering careers.


Enterprise Programmes

A range of interactive programmes are set in “Enterprise City”, a multiuse facility which can be changed and amended to cater for a range of themes or sector focused activities by changing signage, backdrops and activities.