About Us

At Go Ahead Training, we work with schools and employers, to develop and introduce a range of interactive programmes. These are designed to engage, inform and, challenge students, whilst helping to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required by employers – “developing future engineers.

At Go Ahead Training, we believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the key subjects in securing positive opportunities and career paths for future generations, and that this learning journey should begin in Primary school and should continue through Secondary School, Further Education and into employment.

With the growing need to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) the introduction of our programmes into classrooms and beyond will help students to meaningfully engage in the STEM Agenda.

Our aims

Engage students in STEM activities

Provide links between students, schools and industry

Promote career options and opportunities in Engineering

Our Programmes

We are developing a range of programmes which are interactive, engaging and fun for students.

All programmes will challenge and inspire, they will provide opportunities for students to develop practical, technical and life skills within a structured environment.

Our Objectives

To work with partners to develop an education and training system which:

Helps young people find out what they are good at

Develops the attitudes skills and knowledge required by employers

Provides access to practical, technical and vocational learning

Ensures that all young people, whatever their abilities & interests, have the confidence, ambition and skills to succeed

Help young people choose paths which support their abilities and ambitions

Meet the team

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds combining the knowledge and passion to help develop the engineers of tomorrow.

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